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Video - Kitchens

Kookaburra Lodge Kitchens

Each kitchen a 2 special recycling bins to help facilitate the separation and collection of recyclable waste materials at the point of use.

In addition there is a kitchen waste receptacle for non recyclable items. The separation and collection of waste materials efficiently and easily is the best way of encouraging guests to comply with the TNRD waste management program and for Sun Peaks to maintain and enhance its reputation for environmental management.

The building has a waste collection room in the basement which will have separate collection bins for the different types of waste most of which will be now separated at the initial work point, the kitchen.

The Kookaburra Lodge Bells have arrived

The bells have arrived at Sun Peaks!. These 4 bells, cast in one of Europe's oldest specialist bell foundries in Holland have been placed in position and are now undergoing the complex process of automated setup and programming. They have been tuned and partially programmed and will shortly be tested and integrated into the daily routine of alpine village life. These bells are planned to be dedicated by Senator Nancy Green-Raine on 22nd March 2009 together with the two major log sculptures already erected in position outside the Belltower building.

Some of the reasons why it's worth considering doing business in Canada

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative - Newsweek 7 Feb 2009 article by Fareed Zakaria, outlines some of the reasons why it's worth considering doing business in Canada.

Link here.

Video - Jim Farrell - Balustrades